Bloomberg: Rout Opens Opportunity for Investors Seeking Yield

In Friday’s Bloomberg article highlighting the relative value of munis, Michelle Kaske sought comment from EJ Reinoso on the ‘stampede’ out of muni funds, why that represents an opportunity in itself, and how asset managers can go deeper to uncover extraordinary value.

Tapping Castleton’s Expertise Amid Muni Market Volatility

The financial markets have experienced a sharp rise in volatility of late, as investors wrestle with the uncertainty of central bank policy and the future direction of interest rates. With 10 year US Treasury rates rising to their highest yield in 15 months, mutual fund shareholders have redeemed shares at a level not seen since … Read more

No Easy Money in Munis

In a November 30th article in The Wall Street Journal, EJ Reinoso provides commentary to Jason Zweig on our view of the muni market.

S&P’s Downgrade of U.S. Credit: Effects on the Muni Market

EJ Reinoso provides commentary to Bloomberg News following S&P’s downgrade of U.S. credit, in this morning’s article “Muni Market Prepares for Loss of AAA Ratings as S&P Downgrades U.S. Credit.” 

How Long Will the Tax Break on Municipal Bonds Last?

May 7, 2011. Ed Reinoso shares his thoughts with Intelligent Investor columnist Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal on the latest talk of municipal bonds losing their tax-exempt status.

Common Sense

March 30, 2011. EJ Reinoso is interviewed regarding the current state of the municipal bond market by Pulitzer Prize-winning author James B. Stewart in his column Common Sense, appearing in the April, 2011 issue of SmartMoney magazine.

New Jersey’s Bond Rating Cut by Standard & Poor’s

February 9th, 2011.  Ed Reinoso comments on the New Jersey downgrade by S&P.  

Muni Bond Risks Mount, But Federal Bailout Unlikely

January 12, 2011.  EJ Reinoso vs Meredith Whitney on the risk of widespread default in municipal finances.  

Bond Flight Means Investors Miss Riskier Fixed Income for Higher Yields

January 5th, 2011.  EJ Reinoso is quoted by Bloomberg reporter Alexis Leondis in the article “Bond Flight Means Investors Miss Riskier Fixed Income for Higher Yields” regarding his thoughts on recent activity in tax-exempt and taxable corporate bonds.  

BABs Program’s End Poised to Batter Muni Market

December 10th, 2010.  EJ Reinoso weighs in on the implications of the end of the Build America Bond (BABs) program in this Bloomberg article “Build America Bonds Program’s End Poised to Batter Municipal-Debt Market”.